About Derek Clark

Are you searching for an inspiring keynote speaker or a personal development sales trainer?

Motivational speaker Derek Clark delivers inspiring keynote speeches to international organizations. Derek inspires audiences with the tools he used to overcome great adversity, find the mental strength to keep pushing forward and find success in your passion.  He is the author of Never Limit Your Life: From Personal to Professional Success, and the critically acclaimed I Will Never Give Up book series. Derek’s previous successes include founding and performing as CEO of the highly successful Fast Mortgage.com.

Derek Clark is a multi-million dollar producer and has been in“commission only”sales for the past 21 years.

Since achieving his professional dreams, Derek’s life mission has become helping others find the mental strength to recognize and take advantage of opportunities. His keynotes are based on true-life trials and triumphs, and have inspired thousands of listeners to have the mental strength to overcome adversity and fear. His purpose is to cultivate drive, focus, and the courage to take action.

Derek knows first-hand the power of attitude in coping with adversity and overcoming hardship. At five years of age, Derek’s mother and stepfather (his biological father was in prison) turned him over to the California foster care system, where he would spend the next thirteen years of his life, contending with rejection, humiliation, emotional distress and overwhelming anxiety. Yet through it all, Derek never gave up, and went from victim to victor by defying the artificial limitations imposed on him. He literally took a disadvantage in life and turned it into an advantage. His remarkable story is one of resilience and redemption, from his personal to professional life.

Combining his business expertise with a triumphant personal history, Derek has shown audiences that they too can thrive in their organizations by reaching beyond self-imposed limitations. As a featured guest on numerous radio shows in many major U.S. cities, newspaper articles, and television programs he has encouraged thousands to push themselves beyond their limits. Derek has also taken the stage to speak and perform his original music for a former President of the United States.

Reserve Derek Clark for your next event and start believing that there truly are NO LIMITS.

Find out more about his motivational speeches at his main website www.IWillNeverGiveUp.com