Looking to improve your life personally, professionally and financially?  Feeling lost?  Searching for hope?

Don’t surrender your power! Motivational speaker and trainer Derek Clark is here to guide you at the moment when you really need it. His life mission… helping others to find the mental strength to overcome adversity and prosper in life.  We offer one on one phone coaching that is customized for you.

Combining Derek’s business expertise with a triumphant personal history, he has shown thousands of people that they too can thrive in their life by reaching beyond self-imposed limitations. Derek ignites your spirit to never give up on your goals! In order for things to change for the better, you have to change. Have you found your meaning in life? Are you honest with yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually? It is a choice to be happy and to have a great attitude. It’s that simple. We must choose to stop the self-torture. We often keep ourselves from doing great things and put up imaginary walls to block us in, but we can just walk out the imaginary door. Derek can help you identify the door that can improve the quality of your life.

Derek Clark’s Coaching Will:

Assist you in clarifying your goals and visualizing.

Keep you focused.

Support you through your fears.

Help you move past all of the mental clutter and destructive patterns that are holding you back from achieving your greatness.

Inspire you to live by the I-R.O.C.K. values.


Your life has meaning!  Never let a weak thought destroy your greatness.

Make YOU a priority and reserve Derek now!


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“Let’s keep it real. I have seen so many coaches out there living behind their degrees and training certificates… but what they lack is the experience in overcoming huge adversity. My credentials are relevant, credible and simple. They are “real life” disasters and triumphant experiences in which I have survived, and thrived in spite of them. We are all imperfect and sometimes choose to unwisely focus the negative. We become attached to our pain, making it a part of who we are.  But there comes a time when we can no longer relinquish our minds and bodies to the victim mentality.  We must rise up and not let the negatives infect our future.  Success is all about the mindset and how you respond to the challenges of maintaining a positive outlook in your future. The will exceeds the skill.

We have all been engaged in a war with ourselves at one time or another. Now is the time for rethinking our strategies and winning the war once and for all. You must grow beyond your limiting thoughts, and have the courage and conviction to tell yourself “I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!”- Derek Clark