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Business Motivational Speaker Derek Clark Inspires You To Live Beyond Your Self Perceived Limits

Never Limit Your Life. This is the motto and mantra of corporate motivational speaker Derek Clark.  Derek, a former foster child who went from victim to victor is a successful entrepreneur and international motivational speaker. As the author of Never Limit Your Life and the I Will Never Give Up book series, his true life trials and triumphs have inspired thousands to push themselves beyond their self imposed limitations.

Professional success always begins with personal outlook. With the right attitude, adversity is the spur to enrich the future of any enterprise. Hope and productivity are not only contagious, but the keys to higher productivity. In Derek’s Never Limit Your Sales presentation, he reveals the secrets behind his professional and personal success. He will share how he found the confidence and courage to overcome adversity, have no fear, and realize limits only exist in the mind. By cultivating drive, focus, and the courage to take action, employees will find their professional and personal lives opening up to new promise and fresh opportunities.

Tap into your unlimited potential! Never Limit Your Life!

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A Positive Attitude Produces Better Results- Attitude Is Everything

I can still remember that awesome feeling of finally achieving my crazy goal of making over $100,000 in one month.  When I knew that I could reach that goal, I went on to make over $330,000 in a single month. I knew that I was limitless. My success was all about my mental mindset and taking massive action. I shared my techniques with my sales staff and then I watched their income shoot up! Some of my salespeople were making over $40,000 in a single month. Successful salespeople are successful because they want to be successful. Most salespeople know what to do…they just don’t do what they know.

Moment of Truth for You…Are You Successful in Sales?

There is not a magic formula in sales…there is only the mind-set and being inspired to take massive action.  I speak from authenticity. I owned and managed employees and lots of salespeople. I train and inspire staff from my deepest sales philosophies. I know the real deal and what has worked for me.

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To be a successful salesperson, one must have passion, energy and relentless optimism. They must also be willing to take 100% responsibility for their results.  A successful salesperson is a master goal setter, visionary and self-starter.  They never let fear or excuses stop them from taking action and getting the results they desire. True self-confidence comes from a positive knowing and having faith in your ability and product.

A salesperson’s peak performance is directly correlated to their attitude on how they resolve a potential buyer’s concern.



The Art of Producing Higher Sales – Don’t Be Normal – Be Exceptional!

Top salespeople know how to actively listen, communicate, show, empathize, genuine interest, ask quality questions, resolve concerns and build outstanding long lasting relationships. Derek Clark’s unique and proven sales techniques inspire and equip sales people with the tools they need to identify and quickly overcome objections. Derek Clark’s inspires salespeople to create synergy with their prospect. Derek trains salespeople on the power of perspective, cultivating passion, persistence and enthusiasm.

When a salesperson is enthusiastic, it shows and is contagious in every conversation. A passionate salesperson really cares about their customer and how their product is going to benefit them. Combining his business expertise with a triumphant personal history, Derek has shown salespeople that they too can thrive in their organizations by reaching beyond self-imposed limitations. Great salespeople never stop learning and growing.



Creating Lifetime Business Relationships

Salespeople who are human beings first and salespeople second create great relationships of trust that are deep and last beyond the initial sale. Derek Clark system teaches you how to build better relationships with clients that will produce greater results. In most circumstances, “People buy people, first…and then they buy the product.”

Derek Clark trains salespeople to view overcoming objections as a significant step in building a relationship of trust with your potential client. This can be the most profitable part of the transaction…building trust. It requires attentive interaction with your prospect as well as knowing how to be quick and flexible in a moments notice. The same sales strategy does not work every time and a great salesperson is a chameleon. Derek Clark shows you first hand what the most important tool is to have in your “sales tool box”; it is becoming an expert at overcoming objections. Being an expert at resolving concerns literally brings the big commissions.