Here are what audience members have been saying about Derek Clark.


Derek has inspired me to work harder everyday.


I feel very inspired, very touched and very powerful.


It was the best experience ever that I have had!!!


Derek, You are a great reminder of how powerful the mind is. It really is all about mindset and how we value ourselves before the sale. I went from making about $10,000 a month to having months where I made up to $40,000.


Thank you so much for your awesome presentation! You were inspiring and entertaining! Truly you beat the standard!!! Everyone was telling me how this was the best event ever!!! You are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Blessings to you.


Derek is Amazing/Wonderful/Great/Excellent/Awesome!


Motivational/Inspiring/Powerful/Moving. Great speaker!


Very genuine and effective message that is very important and made an impact.


I feel so encouraged to go back to work!


His message through the stories of his life really made me think. Your presentation truly impacts us and sends a very important message that I can use in my job and personal life.


The incredible way the presenter was able to connect his life and share. I will share your incredible story with others and encourage them to never give up.


Most incredible, powerful workshop yet.


I can’t say enough about your presentation. You truly are an inspiration.


Wow, Amazing! I am speechless!


I like that he taught that when we set our minds on something we can achieve it.


We can be anything we want! If we work hard at it. As Derek says…I GOT THE POWER!”


You have inspired me to never give up just because the times get tough.


Derek’s presentation was very powerful and truly motivating.


It makes me more certain that I have what it takes to be the best I can be.


I really connected with you.  I felt as if you were really looking at me during your presentation.  I have the power now because of you.


Your message moved me and gave me strength.


I’m going through hard times right now but you made me confident that I can get through it. I actually believe.


You never gave up and that’s what really spoke to me.  Now when I struggle in life, I won’t give up.


You made me look at the bright side of life and that I’m responsible for the outcome of my life.